Dream Submitter combines many of the options from older submitting programs, with new revolutionary ideas and capabilities unheard of in the submitting market today. This submitter is smaller, faster and more effective than any of its competitors.

Dream Submitter offers form filling capabilities so advanced that it is virtually incapable of making errors. Its automation is second to none, with capabilities able to schedule hands free auto submissions for weeks in advance.

The auto submitting abilities of this program go beyond anything you have ever dreamed of. Passphrase automation (image recognition), site specific timers, and character sensitive advanced error checking are just a few of the functions that make this program so special. During auto submission, if at anytime a form is filled out incorrectly, or some of the information does not match, the program will mark the site with a text error reason, not submit to it, and continue on. This function alone leaves very little opportunity for errors.

We are always working to improve our software, and make it even more convenient for you the webmaster to submit your galleries. Our goal as submitters ourselves is to create a program that makes gallery submitting as effortless as possible. As we continue to improve it, we believe now, that our goal is your reality.

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